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Streaming Information and Rules

Discussion in 'Information and Support' started by Max0864, May 1, 2016.

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  1. Max0864

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    Feb 14, 2014
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    So you’re interested in streaming or recording under the FG name? We would love to have you! Make sure you read and understand all of the rules listed below before filling out the appropriate attached form!

    Streaming and Recording conditions and rules:

    1. A show can be cancelled by the executive staff at FG at any and all times with proper reasoning.

    2. If the requirements of a show are not met at any point, a show will receive consequences accordingly. Consequences can range from a warning to cancellation at the mercy of the executive staff.

    3. General rules for streaming and recording are as follows:
    a. No excessive foul language (unless otherwise approved).
    b. Always use the online alias of the host and any other people playing with. These can be potential grounds for immediate cancellation.
    c. Must stream or upload a video at least one (1) time per week (unless otherwise cleared by executive staff).
    i. If a host cannot stream for an extended period of time, the host should contact the executive staff via email at
    support@forbisgaming.com to discuss their absence. Must be done at least one (1) week in advance.
    ii. If a host cannot make it a certain week, the host should either:
    1. Alert executive staff prior to the show preceding their absence.
    2. Alert executive staff that another approved community member will be covering their show prior to the show preceding their absence.

    4. The first three (3) times a host streams or records, they will be observed and privately evaluated on their performance by a staff member. Constructive feedback will be given to the host after the show.
    a. After the 3rd (3) show, the executive staff will determine whether or not the show will continue.
    b. If a show is accepted, they will continue doing their show at the given time.
    c. Every three (3) months after their show is approved, a follow up viewing will be held by a staff member to make sure all rules and expectations are being upheld.

    5. The streaming key will be changed on a weekly basis by executive staff and be sent via email to the hosts each week. If a host shares this information with anyone not on executive staff, their show will be immediately cancelled.

    6. If a host decides to cancel their show, they must fill out the form “Streaming Cancelation” (located below) one (1) week prior to their final show.
    a. Final show must be entitled “(Title of Show) – Last Episode”

    7. If a host has cancelled their show and wishes to continue, they must fill out the application again.

    Host payment:

    A host has the ability to make money based off of the donations that their stream makes for FG! Here’s how it works:

    Every donation that a host receives for the community is kept on a record by executive staff. At certain thresholds, the host will make some of that money for themselves in a tier based system outlined below. A host begins making 10% off of their donations immediately.

    At 50$ total in donations, the host then receives 15% from all donations the show generates.

    At 150$ in total donations, the host then receives 20% from all donations the show generates.

    At 300$ in total donations, the host then receives 25% from all donations the show generates.

    At 500$ in total donations, the host then receives 30% from all donations the show generates.

    Any further large threshold met will result in a meeting with a member of executive staff and the owner in regards to any more of a cut.

    Payments will be distributed at the end of every two weeks at the current percentage the host receives. Raises take effect the pay period after the host achieves the threshold.

    Questions? Concerns? Love letters? Hate mail? Send them my way!

    Looking forward to watching your stream soon!


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