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    Our community is funded by donations from users like you. We will never require anyone to donate, but if you have a little bit left over at the end of the day and feel like helping us out, you can do so here. Your donations help us pay our server rental bills and other service fees that we incur on a monthly basis.

    As a token of our thanks, when you donate you will have a special member status rank applied. Currently, we have three such ranks: VIP ($10), Elite ($25), and Legendary ($50). To get more information about what comes with each rank, visit our Special Member Status page (under construction) or contact a member of our staff team.

    Before you donate, make sure you read through and understand our Donation Terms and Conditions, which can be found here.

    As always, if you need help don't hesitate to ask a staff member. Thanks for your time!

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    Since 2011, Forbis Gaming has provided a mature and inclusive gaming environment for gamers of many different backgrounds. Our community is proud to offer unbiased and fair treatment and a quality gaming experience to people of all different backgrounds. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.
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    Our staff works very hard to make sure the community is running the best software, best designs, and all the other bells and whistles. We have bills to pay, too! We'd really appreciate any donations that you can offer.

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